Posada del Angel Antigua Guatemala
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Antigua Guatemala
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La Antigua Guatemala

Posada del angel is located in La Antigua Guatemala, the most beautiful city in Central America and a gorgeous Spanish colonial town. La Antigua has been distinguished as a Unesco World Heritage city since 1979.

The Markets

Local Markets are the main economic focus of the towns in the highlands of Guatemala. In the Natives villages and towns they are also a social and cultural event second only to the local holidays. Market days draw people from all around the vicinity. They are social and cultural events that define the spirit of Central America.


Chichicastenango, located about 2-3 hours drive from La Antigua, is home to a colorful native market that takes place on Sundays and Thursdays. This popular market draws not only the K'iche' Maya of the surrounding region, but vendors from all over Guatemala, representing many of Guatemala's linguistic groups such as Mam, Ixil, Kaqchikel and others, each hawking his or her products in a riotous cacophony of color, dialects and costumes, smoke, and smells. The market starts early in the morning at the footsteps of the 400-year old church of Santo Tomás in the midst of the smell of fireworks and burned incense from the syncretic Maya ceremonies.

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