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Antigua Guatemala
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Authentic Taste

People living in Central America developed corn at least 7000 years ago. Yesterday and today, most of the local diet depends on corn and tortillas are one of its main expressions. We designed a journey into this magic ingredient where guests are taken through all the steps where this grain finds different expressions and flavors accompanied by chilis and beans.

Along the way, the tour explores markets and dulcerias from an insider's point of view. Desiree Iturbide will introduce you to the flavors of this rich culture.

Desiree Iturbide is the founder of Degusta Antigua, an online restaurant guide of the city. She is a food aficionado and a passionate traditionalist in love with everything Guatemalan. She has lived extensively in Europe and recently returned to her roots in Antigua where, along with her husband, she is a well-known foodie entrepreneur.

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