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Antigua Guatemala
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Authentic Textures

Weaving is what keeps the threads of the Mayan culture and cosmos together. Guatemalan textiles convey a four thousand year history, a complex worldview and many diverse regional identities

"The art of weaving is a Maya woman's legacy for she is the basis of this age- old textile tradition, not just as a weaver but as a wearer of the symbols of Maya ethnicity, the huipil, skirt, sash and su't. As a woman and as a mother, the weaver has kept alive this tradition. Using rudimentary tools (like the spindle and backstrap loom) and the simple technique of crossing warp and weft, she creates links between the past and the present. Links which strengthen and tie together the weavings of the future just as the molaj che', the small sticks of the backstrap loom, are always kept together."
Soledad Icú Perén, Museo Ixchel

Please join designer and Guatemalan textile expert, Olga Reiche to discover the threads of this magic tradition.

Olga Reiche has more than 25 years of experience working with indigenous communities in projects related to textiles. Besides being a well-known designer, she has been a mentor, interpreter, translator of cultures and ambassador of vegetable dyes and handmade traditional weaving practices. Olga has helped bring many traditional products to national and international markets. She is respected and loved in Guatemala's weaving communities.

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